"Faith is like a signpost. The right faith will show the right way, also in science. A wrong faith will point the wrong way. And atheists will get lost."

I have discovered what natural intelligence is

Many scientists assume that intelligence originates – or originated – in neurons. But I have discovered that neurons are not essential to natural intelligence, in the same way as feathers and flapping wings are not essential to aviation. Hence, despite all kinds of "hopeful" terms, simulated neural networks are not naturally intelligent. And they will never become intelligent by themselves.

Science relies on the assumption that we live in an ordered universe, that is subject to exact, deterministic and consistent laws of nature. In search for the laws of nature involved with intelligence, I have discovered that natural intelligence is in fact a set of naturally occurring logic, which is more advanced than the logic already described by scientists.

I have identified the human language and spacial information as sources of natural intelligence. Focusing on the human language, I have described Laws of Intelligence that are naturally found in the Human Language.

So, how did this advanced logic got embedded in the human language? I believe that life and the universe are intelligently designed. And I believe that any intelligent design can be unraveled through reverse engineering. So, I believe that the intelligent design of the human language can be unraveled through reverse engineering.


Using reverse engineering, I have discovered logical structures – reasoning constructs – in the human language, which provides the human language its self-organizing capabilities. By utilizing the self-organizing properties of language, my software – called Thinknowlogy – is the world's only self-organizing reasoning system.


I have also discovered that logic is (almost) language independent. By configuring the logic of my system for multiple languages, Thinknowlogy is also the world's only multilingual grammar-based reasoning system: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Chinese. Apparently, languages of different language families share the same logic. This means to me that logic (God) must have existed before the human language existed.


Advanced explanation

​​I am using fundamental science instead of cognitive science:

The Laws of Intelligence that are naturally found in the Human Language are demonstrated by:

  • Reasoning in natural language:

    • drawing conclusions (more advanced than scientific solutions),

    • making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty),

    • asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge),

    • detecting confirmations, conflicts and some cases of semantic ambiguity,

    • displaying justification reports for the self-generated knowledge;

  • Multilingualism, proving: Natural languages have one common and logical origin.

Scientific challenge:

My automated reasoner has results that scientists can't deliver – under the same preconditions – using their theories, because scientific theories are inadequate to describe natural intelligence.

Therefore, I defy anyone to beat the simplest results of my reasoner in a generic (scientific, naturally) way, under the same preconditions as my system:

  • from Controlled Natural Language (sentences with a very limited, delimited grammar), via algorithms, back to Controlled Natural Language;

  • without pre-programmed knowledge;

  • without human-written output sentences;

  • without extensive word lists;

  • in multiple languages;

  • and published – free of charge – as open source software.