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Testimony: I don't have this wisdom of myself

During my young childhood, God asked me if I wanted to become rich or wise. I chose wisdom, because I like the stories about the wisdom of King Solomon. (It wasn't a catch-question: If I had chosen wealth, I had to give everything away, like I give away the results of my wisdom now.)


A few years later, I offered my life to God, as in giving up my own life and desires, and fully dedicate my life to Him. Initially, nothing special happened. I became just another Software Tester. I am talented in software testing, but my talent has its limits. I am not a genius.


A few years ago, God gave me an assignment in order to prove atheism wrong, which I have accepted. As promised, God gives me wisdom – insights beyond my own knowledge and intelligence – as long as I work on this project. However, if I use the given wisdom for my own good, it will be taken from me. And I was explicitly ordered: “Give everything away. Keep nothing behind”.


While I was criticizing the current approach to AI and NLP on LinkedIn for not having a (natural) foundation, nor a (natural) definition of intelligence, someone asked me what definition I used. Then I had to admit to myself that I didn't have a definition of intelligence either. So, I prayed and ask for an answer. Ten minutes later, I was able to write down a unifying, fundamental (=natural) and deterministic (=implementable) definition of intelligence, provided by God. Later I also discovered how this definition is related to language, through Laws of Intelligence that are naturally found in the Human Language.

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