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How does Thinknowlogy work internally?

  • After a sentence is entered by the user, the word type of each word is determined automatically, such as proper noun, singular noun, plural noun and adjective. This process works for any language, without use of extensive words lists. Only a few basic words are defined for each language. Scientists are unable to develop a similar process. Certainly not the multilingual part;

  • Then the sentence is stored in a language-independent data structure, without losing meaning. Such a data structure is not defined scientifically. Therefore, scientific reasoning systems are limited to one language only;

  • The reasoning system then performs all kinds of operations on the data structure, such as drawing conclusions, making assumptions, asking choice questions, detecting conflicts, adjusting the uncertainty level of self-generated assumptions, adjusting self-generated choice questions and checking whether self-generated knowledge has been confirmed by the user. This reasoning process is much more advanced than scientists have described;

  • When the reasoning process is complete, the results — the changes in the data structure — are presented to the user as readable sentences;

  • A justification report for the self-generated knowledge can be requested at any time. With this feature, my system meets the objectives of Explainable AI.

Download instructions

  • This software uses Java. In order to install or upgrade Java, go to Java Runtime Environment and follow the instructions. When using Windows, make sure to setup the Environment Variables of Windows, and to restart Windows afterwards in order to reload the Environment Variables;

  • Download file Thinknowlogy2023beta3;

  • Now extract the downloaded file. It doesn't matter in which folder the file is extracted;

  • Start Explorer (for files) and go to the extracted folder, called Thinknowlogy2023;

  • Here you will find Java archive file Thinknowlogy2023 - GUI (Java). Double-click on this file to start the program in Java. Demo buttons will guide you;

  • The program in C++ is called: Thinknowlogy2023 - Text console (C++), which is not recommended for newbies;

  • The documentation and the source code of the program (in Java as well as C++) are included;

  • This program applies software license GPLv2.

Thinknowlogy 2023beta4

To unzip the file below, please install the 7-Zip software first.


My planning for future publications:

  • Aug. 2024: More efficient reasoning;

  • May 2025: Additional natural reasoning construct;

  • Nov. 2025: Extended grammar;

  • May 2026: Additional verbs (part 1);
  • Nov. 2026: Additional verbs (part 2);

  • May 2027: Answering of "has/have" questions;

  • Nov. 2027: Answering of "what" and "who" questions;

  • May 2028: Answering of "why" questions (finding causal relations).

Do you have a request? Would you like me for example to add a certain language? Feel free to file a request using the Contact form, or via LinkedIn.

Would you like to follow this project?

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